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What is Professional Mentoring?

Are you passionate about working in the charity, gender or NGO sector but not quite sure how to get a role?

My career spans all three, and I really understand how hard it can be to land that first role to get your foot in the door. I've received a fair share of rejections in my 15 years in the field! I love the work I do, and I want to support other people to find something that they really love too.

A professional mentoring session with me will help you uncover your values, passion, purpose and motivations. We will work through both practical and emotional tips to support your career, and you'll then have my continued email support after our session where I'll send you job roles, networking opportunities that I think are relevant for you.

A one-off professional mentoring session includes:

- Pre-session questionnaire

- One hour virtual Zoom call

- CV and LinkedIn review and feedback

- Continued email support following session

Block of three sessions will include:

- All of the above, along with...

- Total of three Zoom calls (usually at least one week apart so you have time to implement changes)

- A deep dive into values work for you to really understand your drive, motivation and ambition

- Support with a specific job application, interview prep and/or live collaborative job searching on a call

- A LinkedIn post from my account recommending you to my network

So why choose me as your mentor? Here's a brief overview of my experience:

- Multi-award winning in the areas of gender and youth programming, teaching, curriculum writing, activism and community development

- Qualified in teaching, child development, trauma, gender, youth work and capacity building

- Worked in grassroots, national and global charities since 2011

- Designed and led mentoring programmes for young people, schools and youth groups

- Person-centred; I am trained in mindfulness and trauma-informed practice so my work is rooted in empathy, self-awareness and reflection

- Effective networker; I have led several local and national networks in the youth and gender space

- I really care about you succeeding. The world needs more people who are fighting for human rights, equality and inclusion and there's more than enough room at the table for us

- Passionate feminist; my work is intersectional, anti-racist and inclusive

If you have any questions at all, get in touch with me via email and on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. I'd love to hear from you!

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