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Educational Specialist, SHE Zimbabwe

Katy is an exceptional specialist in community development, girls' rights and gender equality. Undoubtedly one of the best minds I have come across; her passion shines through all her impactful work. Katy showed me what it is like to be a high impact player and a good team player by being humble, people smart and hungry for impact. It is because of her brilliance that I consider her my go to expert whenever I need assistance or clarity in her areas of specialisation. When I decided to write a book on girls education in Africa, she turned out to be a huge resource! I highly recommend Katy to anyone or any organization keen to make positive impact in the world.

Principal, Queen's College London

You are, I think, the most powerful advocate for young people I have ever worked with. Your values and sense of integrity are exceptional, and I have no doubt that you are going to make a very significant impact on the lives of young people for many years to come.

Professional Mentoring Client

I cannot recommend Katy highly enough. While our coaching session lasted just an hour, I felt rejuvinated, excited, calm and motivated to find my next steps. Her insight into the gender and not-for-profit field has been insightful and grounding, and her email afterwards provided further resources and care. If you're thinking of approaching Katy for some coaching, run don't walk.

Nikki Giant, Girls' Rights Specialist and Author

I love Katy's passion and enthusiasm for her work - it clearly shines through in all she does. She is a brilliant connector, networker and communicator, alongside being a natural presenter; conversational, inclusive and professional in her style and delivery. Katy truly understands the issues surrounding girls' rights and gender equality and her work is positioning her as an expert on UK girls' issues.

West Women Awards

Katy is totally inspirational. She is passionate about empowering women. Inspiring and supporting young people is in her blood. She is never afraid to offer challenge or unsettle the status quo amongst staff or young people if it aids the purpose to make our practice more inclusive for local girls.

Volunteer, Mentoring Plus

I have been taking part in training courses for over 20 years, and this was without doubt the best I’ve ever done. Katy’s style of delivery is engaging, intelligent and approachable. She clearly understands how to work with young people and her passion is infectious.

Professional Mentoring Client

Katy is a fantastic and empathetic professional mentor. The mentoring session was highly organised, influential and inspiring. Katy led a dynamic and directed conversation about authentic networking, professional motivations, values and strategic career goals. Furthermore, Katy had an excellent sense of my professional and personal trajectory. Her insight and guidance perfectly aligned with my needs. I would highly recommend her services to all professionals. I can't emphasise enough how inspiring and helpful this session was for me.

Volunteer, Doulas Without Borders

Katy manages me as a volunteer on the referrals team and I cannot recommend her as an employee, manager or leader enough. She leads with empathy and is incredibly adept at having tough conversations in a person-centred and gentle manner. She is organised, hard-working and thorough. Everything she produces is of the highest quality. Her passion for human rights, reproductive justice and her community are evident in both her work and speaking to her in meetings. I am grateful to work with her!

Professional Mentoring Client

I would fully recommend Katy's mentoring sessions to anyone who needs some advice, guidance, and support in seeking their next role or opportunity in the sector. Katy has a wealth of experience and knowledge which can translate into recommendations and ideas. Katy's approach is kind, honest, friendly and compassionate. I appreciated my sessions with Katy, in particular preparing for interviews - which led to me securing a role at the organisation of my dreams! Many thanks for your help Katy!

Co-Director, Doulas Without Borders

Thank you so much for all the work, dedication and motivation you put into the organisation, noticed by all who had contact with you. Katy showed passion and motivation; she has left the organisation here at Doulas without Borders a much better organised and procedure-led place, and she will be missed. She was readily available and communicative, and we wish her the very best in anything that comes in her future! Thank you Katy! 

Mentoring Client

"It was fantastic working with you; I wouldn't be where I am without those sessions!"

Mentoring Client

"Thanks again for your help - it was truly transformational in my job search"

Mentoring Client

"That was definitely the most confident I’ve been for an interview so your support really helped me."

Mentoring Client

" I now feel like I have a solid foundation for thriving in my new role and progressing my career even further. I can’t recommend Katy’s services enough!"

Mentoring Client

“Three months after Katy helped me land my dream job, I booked another mentoring session to discuss topics such as: thriving in a new role, effective time management, work-life balance and more."

Mentoring Client

 "I really appreciate the time you took out and for providing me with time and space to explore my ideas and options."
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