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I'm Katy, a multi award-winning professional in the gender, education and human rights sectors.


My career has spanned many roles; teacher, leader, mentor, community manager, trauma practitioner, nanny, doula, activist and consultant.

All of them centre on one core mission: to make the world a better place for children, girls and women.

I am the founder of
The Joyful Activists, a global mental health community for activists, humanitarians and charity workers. We host wellbeing workshops, events and retreats, creating trauma-informed environments that promote healing and connection. We advocate for better mental health provision for our sector, and our vision is a world which prioritises the wellbeing of activists, so activists can continue prioritising the wellbeing of the world.

I convene a UK-wide professionals network called the Girls' Rights Collective UK, connecting organisations and academics working in girls' rights across the UK as part of my role at global children's charity Plan International UK. I am an official UN Women UK delegate at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women, the largest global conference on gender equality held in New York.  

I offer leadership consultancy for women's rights charities, advising on strategic. operational and organisational processes. working across the UK, Kenya and Zimbabwe. I am a trauma-informed doula, and I have worked therapeutically with children and teenagers for over a decade. 

I offer bespoke 1:1 mentoring to people looking for a new or more aligned role in the charity and non-profit sector. 

My feminist beliefs are intersectional and inclusive of all genders, race, ability, sex, class and culture. 

Work with me

Book a complimentary discovery call or get in touch via email to discuss how you'd like to work together.

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Professional mentoring

The world needs more passionate and committed activists working on human rights issues, and I believe everyone should have a seat at the table.


I offer bespoke 1:1 virtual mentoring to support you in your career in the charity, education and humanitarian sectors, whether that's in your existing role or to find a new or more aligned position.


Our sessions can cover confidence, mindset, values and purpose, interview skills, workplace coaching and relationship building so you can find, and thrive in, your dream role.

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Doula & parenting support

I offer support at any stage of your pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum journey.


My practice is rooted in over 15+ years of working with children and families as a nanny, teacher, trauma practitioner and youth worker, qualifying as a trauma-informed doula in 2021.


My mission is to make sure that you feel supported and empowered to make the best decisions for you and your family.

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Leadership consultancy

I offer leadership consultancy to CEOs and directors of charities and organisations working in girls' and women's rights.


With extensive experience in the charity sector, I combine a deep understanding of leadership principles with a creative, innovative and practical approach.


I support you to connect to your organisational mission, explore the impact of your workplace culture and design strategic and operational processes to connect your purpose to your practice.

Clients & collaborations

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"Katy is totally inspirational. She is passionate about empowering women. Inspiring and supporting young people is in her blood. She is never afraid to offer challenge or unsettle the status quo amongst staff or young people if it aids the purpose to make our practice more inclusive for local girls."

West Women Awards

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